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What is Hiro home insurance, and why should you care?

At Hiro, we value clear and straightforward language. If you’re a Redditor, you’ll recognise the term “ELI5” (Explain Like I’m 5) and it’s exactly what we aim for.

So, we’re using that principle to explain what Hiro is, why it’s not like other insurers, and what that means for you.

We do home insurance, with a difference. We’ll insure you and help you use smart home devices to protect your home and your family. We’ll even give you a fairer price when you do.

Spoiler: this means great things for you.

So, what do smart home devices have to do with home insurance?

A lot, but your insurer just hasn’t connected the dots yet.

It’s not exactly shocking that homeowners who use smart home devices feel like they should get a discount on their home insurance – they are substantially safer, after all. And plenty of homeowners who don't use smart tech feel this way, too.

There's one small problem, though. Old insurers are only going to help you once your kitchen’s under four feet of water.

At Hiro, we prefer taking action before the proverbial hits the fan.

We can’t promise you’ll never have to claim, but we give you access to smart security and safety devices to help you lower your risk. We partner with leading makers of video doorbells, smart security cameras, and smart lighting, to bring you exclusive offers on smart home devices that’ll make your home safer, and you’ll actually love to use.

Already own smart tech? Great! We take your existing smart home devices into consideration when we generate your quote.

We believe that safer homeowners deserve to be rewarded for being proactive, so we rate each smart device you own based on how much it keeps your home safe and give you a little bit off your home insurance for each relevant device.

If my current home insurance is so bad, what makes Hiro so great?

Look, we’re not here to complain about other insurers. We just wish they’d treat consumers a bit more fairly.

Trust and fairness are so important to us that we build it into everything we do. Want some examples? We’ve got three big ones.

Take a look at our policy wording. We’ve banished the legalese to make it so simple even your kids can understand it. It’s not a novel, either – so you won’t need to take regular breaks just to make it to the end. That's it. No need for a lawyer on speed dial or a Latin dictionary.

We’re all about meeting you where you’re most comfortable. That’s why you can buy, access and control your Hiro policy on the one piece of tech you always have on you – your smartphone. We won’t make you call us (millennials, we see you) to change, cancel or claim. Just fire up the app and it’s all there.

One more thing. Hiro home insurance is a monthly subscription. Chances are you already have a few of those and you know how they work. One payment, once a month, and if you’re not feeling it, you can cancel whenever you like. And, wait for it, we won’t sting you with cancellation fees if you want to leave.

Ready to shake up the insurance industry with Hiro?

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