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Tips to help you keep your home safe this holiday season

Dumber holiday: Smart and dumb tips to protect your home this summer holiday

18 months in the making. On Friday, schools across the country broke up for the summer holiday. With COVID restrictions largely lifted, this will be the first time many people have been away with their families in over a year. 

Whilst going abroad is still off the cards for most, Britain’s beaches are expected to be busy from dawn till dusk as a holiday-goers flock on staycation. You can go out for a meal at a restaurant, you can host a barbecue, you can even hug old friends. Please, let’s be responsible though.

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Going On Holiday? Here's How To Protect Your Home With Smart Devices

We know. It’s been a while since you enjoyed a worry-free getaway. But, spending more time at home has probably given you the chance to invest in it more than ever before. Maybe you’ve tried some DIY, finished a passion project or renovated entire sections of your home. It’s all this care and attention that makes your home, and everything inside it, irreplaceable. 

At Hiro, we want you to enjoy that first sip of freedom without the worry that something awful is going to happen to your home and your memories when you venture out. That’s why we’re going to take you through some practical, proactive steps you can take to make each room in your home substantially safer – whether you’re in or out.

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Graphic showing Hiro home insurance app beside a sofa and table with smart home devices.

What is Hiro home insurance, and why should you care?

At Hiro, we value clear and straightforward language. If you’re a Redditor, you’ll recognise the term “ELI5” (Explain Like I’m 5) and it’s exactly what we aim for.

So, we’re using that principle to explain what Hiro is, why it’s not like other insurers, and what that means for you.

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Dog sitting on a sofa inside a home. The dog is wearing an orange bandana, and it's surrounded by green plants and smart home technology.

Does smart home technology actually make your home safer?

A lot, if not all, smart technology claims it’s going to save you time and money, improve your life or make you safer. At Hiro, we’re big fans of all of those things, but particularly the latter one – safety. But does it actually work, or is it just a gimmick? Does smart technology actually make you safer?

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Here we go!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. Copywriting isn’t my strong point, so I usually try to steer away from it. But on this occasion, I’ve decided to give it a go.

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